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Listed here are my favorite Heritage Thai Architecture in Bangkok that I've collected since 2010, most of them are temples, palace and museum. The first and the most famous is the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew. More photos from my gallery in Thai Architecture please visit: http://krungthepmahanakhon.com/tags/thai+architecture/content/


Chakri Maha Prasat Throne Hall view from Wiset Chaisri Gate, Grand Palace, Bangkok พระที่นั่งจักรมหาปราสาท ถ่ายจากประตูวิเศษไชยศรี พระบรมมหาราชวัง


Borommangalanusarani Pavilion and the Ananta Samakom Throne Hall, Dusit Palace The Traditional Thai Architectural style that built in the Reign of the King Rama IX เรือนยอดบรมมังคลานุสรณีย์ พระที่นั่งอนันตสมาคม พระราชวังดุสิต


Aisawan Thiphya-Art Royal Residence (Phra Thinang), Bang Pa-In Palace, Ayutthaya


Phra Prang, Wat Arun and the Chao Phraya river, one of the most famous landmark of Bangkok.


Another landmark of Bangkok, Phukhao Thong at Wat Saket.


Top view of the Loha Prasart, Wat Ratchanadda


A morning at Loha Prasat, Wat Ratchanadda, one of the most unique Thai architecture in from and planning design.


Wat Benchamabophit (The Marble Temple)


The Interior of Wat Bowon Sathan, Bangkok


The Chedis around the cloisters and the group of Phra Maha Chedi (Phra Maha Chedi Dilok Dhamakaroke Nitarn, Phra Maha Chedi Munibat Borikhan, Phra Maha Chedi Sri Sanpetdayan and Phra Maha Chedi in mold of Srisuriyothai Chedi) at the Temple of the Reclining Buddha or Wat Phra Chettuphon or Wat Pho

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