Best months for BANGKOK cityscape photography

Posted on 18/06/2016

Best months for Bangkok cityscape photography, as we know taking the good architectural or cityscape photography need a bright and clear natural light, most of people might think of winter or summer time, that’s right but not always right, in winter of Bangkok we’ve got some mist in the sky in early morning and late in the evening, so in the far sight of the scene is not so clear. In summer is good, the sky is clear through out the day, the sun still shine very late in the evening but if you want a dramatic scene, For the unique characteristic scene of Bangkok, I recommended the rainy season, before and after the rain during sunrise and sunset there still have clouds left in the sky and give the fantastic colors and texture scene, beside that the mist in the sky was washed out so your photos will bright and clear.

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Updated: 18.06.2016

Best Months for BANGKOK Cityscape Photography