aey.me (aeydotme) or Aey Srirath Somsawat is a architectural photographer base in Bangkok, Thailand.

This web site is my featured photos of Bangkok and Thailand, targeting to be the highest quality of stock photo of: Temples, Palaces, Museum, Historical Places and many travel attractions with some short information for tourist, Sort by shooting date. All photo selected and grouped in the propose to be the alternative travel information and to be the new concept of Travel Guide which the audience can access from any entry level with the fully useful tags and categories: Architecture, Decoration, Art, Culture, People, Event etc.

Forget your old guide book from the Tourism Authority of Thailand or even the travel lists from any other mainstream web sites from the famous travel guru. This is the latest Bangkok travel guide from the local photographer who spent more than 5 years, almost every day travel around Bangkok, taking the photos from early morning till late at night, finding the best time and places for the best photography of architecture and cityscape of Bangkok.

All photos are free for educational and non-commercial use with my permission, for commercial use please contact me at: somsawat@mac.com

Interest in my work please visit:
My main web site: www.aey.me
My personal FaceBook: www.facebook.com/aeydotme

Hardware: Nikon D850, D800, D700, 14-24 2.8N, 24 3.5 PC-E, 24-70 2.8N, 50 1.4G, 70-200 2.8N, 85 1.4D, 200-500 5.6E, SB900 & SB800

Software: Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop CC